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Computer Vision with a variety of applications from AD/ADAS and Robotics to Security
High performance video analysis platform
Modular server solution for real time automated detection, recognition and classification of objects and scenarios in video streams. Optimized for performance it can handle multiple streams at once and can be customized by Computer Vision models and backend integration.
Computer vision dataset annotation infrastructure
Machine teaching infrastructure aimed for dataset annotation and processing services. 2D bounding box, key points, instance segmentation, 3D bounding box, poses, GT depth map and light map annotation.

Ways of working
Company provides services starting from audit of preexisting solutions on Customer side, evaluating effectiveness and maturity of technologies used. Based on audit and Customer requests and priorities Scope of Work is outlined.


Implementation of SoW may consist of choosing production ready or research solutions, estimating effort needed with regards to deadlines, team composition for the tasks, recommendations of either Open Source or Proprietary tools to be used for reaching performance and accuracy needed and actual development of crucial AI system parts.


Research may be a recommended way to go forward if no existing solution fits into requirements stated. In this case either companies own resources or Academia ties are proposed.